What Is Leo?

LEO is an exclusive personal training studio. It offers the best equipment and your own dedicated floor space. Whatever your goal, we will conquer it.

At the studio you will never have to wait for equipment, never be crowded and always be able to enjoy fair use of all apparatus.
Orpington Gym - LEO

What makes LEO different?

LEO has a keen interest in your mental wellbeing. It is at the forefront of our business. Come to the studio, talk to us and we will help you. What ever your end goal, we are here for you. LEO is flexible. We do what you need us to do. You decide what service you want and when you want it.

LEO can be a personal one-to-one experience in a private studio, or it can be an open group session. Not only can LEO get you in the best physical shape of your life, but it will create the mental approach to keep it. LEO fully supports your psychological growth by providing personal trainers who are aware of your mental health.

We provide specially qualified staff to offer a service like no other. Mental health is just as important as being physically fit and here at LEO we strive to perfect both.

You are in control...

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How will LEO help me as a client?

When you select our personal training service LEO will provide you with:
  • Custom training plans designed to adapt with you.
  • Personal nutrition plans and all the knowledge you need to adapt your lifestyle for lasting improvement.
  • Monitoring of your psychological and physical condition to build your progress profile.
  • Comprehensive reports every six weeks to ensure progress and accountability – yours and ours.
  • A stimulated, positive mental attitude that you can use in all aspects of your life.
Orpington Gym - LEO
"Life is about the Journey. Learn to take positive steps. Be happy in choosing to progress. This increases your chances of achieving the end goal infinetly.”
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Orpington Gym - LEO


To support people who want to improve on yesterday’s version of themselves.

Why LEO? Why "Lift Each Other"?

  • LEO is fueling your ambition with the social interaction between you and your personal trainer. It drives you to improve with intense physical, mental, and social stimulation.
  • LEO can be the helping hand that lifts your life to the position you want it to be in.
  • LEO is changing the world - together.
  • LEO improves your mind through physical challenge.
  • LEO wants to redefine your perception and how you deal with life’s problems.
  • LEO recognises that we, as human beings, thrive when we help one another.
  • LEO is you and your coach going places.
  • LEO is having a plan and implementing it.
  • LEO is accepting your personal starting point and wanting to go places, mentally and physically.
  • LEO is beating your best.
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