The Studio

LEO is a premium studio. We have the best equipment and private areas allocated for your use.

Your Studio. Your Way.


Studio Features

  • Fully air-conditioned studio.
  • NFL standard sprint track.
  • High impact vulcanised EPDM rubber flooring.
  • Clear station markings.
  • Large and versatile training space.
  • Onsite payment facility.
  • Integrated sound system.
  • Automated main door access.
  • Security cameras with two-way audio.

Meditation Rooms

  • Two soundproof meditation rooms.
  • Integrated mood lighting.
  • Comfortable reclining seats.
  • Noise cancelling headsets provided for absolute silence or instructed meditation.
  • Brain tap meditation headset.
  • Heavy blankets, cushions, eye pillows.

Custom Made Serious Equipment

All of the equipment has been custom built to the highest safety standards (Stationery Equipment, International Organisation for Standardisation ISO: 20957).

3x Eleiko XF 80 half rack hybrid

  • Each rack weighs 187.2kg.
  • Made from 8mm thick steel box section.
  • Rated up to 250kg.
  • Pull Up Bar.
  • 6x Band Peg Points.
  • Magnetic pins firmly secure safety arms.
Orpington Gym

1x Eleiko XF 80 power rack

  • Each rack weighs 252kg.
  • Made from 8mm thick steel box section.
  • Rated up to 500kg.
  • Pull Up Bar.
  • 6x Band Peg Points.
  • Magnetic pins firmly secure safety arms.
Orpington Gym

4x Platforms

  • 3x XF 80 Half Rack Inserts, 1x XF 80 Power Rack Insert.
  • IWF certified training platforms.
  • 30mm Solid single piece platforms with textured rubber surface finish.
  • Anti-slip platform surface for optimal foot grip while weightlifting.
Orpington Gym

Custom calibrated olympic plates

  • Guaranteed to be within tolerances mandated by the 2017 IPF Technical Rule Book.
  • IPF Specification slim profile, 25kg/24mm, 20kg/20mm, 15kg/19mm, 10kg/19mm, 5kg/20mm, 2.5kg/15mm, 1.25kg/12mm, 0.5kg/8mm, 0.25kg/7mm.
  • Plates weight with in 0.25% or 10 grams of face value.
Orpington Gym

XF Bumper plates

  • New improved composition.
  • New slimmer 20kg plates so more load can be added to the bar, up to 200kg.
  • Made from EU recycled rubber for a more green, clean and durable disk.
Orpington Gym

Custom dumbbells

  • Two kilogram increments, 2kg-50kg, dumbbell set.
  • Rotating Eleiko Barbell Steel Handle.
  • Eleiko Custom Knurling.
  • 38mm Grip Diameter.
  • Indestructable.
Orpington Gym

3x Custom deluxe adjustable benches

  • Rated to 450KG.
Orpington Gym

IPF Powerlifting competition bar

  • Certified by the IPF for competition.
  • Aggressive knurling, dep and untreated.
  • 433mm Loadable Sleeve.
  • 29mm Grip Diameter.
  • 20KG+/-0.1%.
  • Tensile Strength, 215,000 PSI.
  • Max Load, 1500kg.
Orpington Gym

Other barbells

Strength Shop Bastard Power Bar

  • 2.2m, 29mm, 20kg, 205,000 PSI.
  • Max Load, 340KG.

2x Strength Shop Bastard Squat Bar

  • 2.47m, 32mm, 25kg, 205,000 PSI.
  • Max Load, 450KG.

Eleiko Weight Lifting Technique Bar

  • 415mm Loadable Sleeve, 25mm, 5kg, 42,000 PSI.
  • Max Load, 20KG.
Orpington Gym

1x Lat pull down / low row dual cable stack

  • Custom Plate Stack up to 140KG.
Orpington Gym

2x Bison series - single pulley attachment

  • 100kg Plate stacks.
Orpington Gym

Eleiko kettle bell set 8-32kg

  • Grip diameters and sizes vary but always allow for a double handed grip.
  • +/- 3% tolerance on all kettlebells.
Orpington Gym

Exceed slam ball set 3-20kg

  • Highly durable designed for aggressive training.
Orpington Gym

Custom sprint track

  • 17m Long, 2m Wide.
Orpington Gym

Premium Equipment

  • Heart rate monitors.
  • Bar speed tracker.
  • Powerlifting belts, shoes, straps, chalk and smelling salts.
Orpington Gym

Active Recovery Equipment

  • Theragun (percussion massage therapy gun).
  • PowerDot (EMS recovery kit).
  • Muscle scraping tools.
  • Foam rollers.
  • Lacrosse balls.
Orpington Gym

Boxing Equipment

  • Boxing hit counters.
  • Heavy bag.
  • Gloves and pads.
  • Technique sticks.
Orpington Gym

Other Equipment

  • Customised prowler sled.
  • Battle ropes.
  • Farmers walk handles.
  • Various cable attachments.
  • Skipping ropes.
  • Crash mats.
  • Ab roller.
  • Calf ramp.
  • Wrist roller.
  • Dead wedge.
  • Powerlifting loading chart.
Orpington Gym


  • Pre-work out, BCAAs, protein powders etc. are available onsite.
Orpington Gym

Coming soon

  • Eleiko powerlifting platform.
  • Weight vest.
Orpington Gym
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