Prabash Wayne

I have utilised many PTs in my life, but Paul has been the most versatile, knowledgeable and understanding PT I have ever met. When I busted the ligaments in my knee, Paul was the only PT able to give me a rehab program that actually worked. When conventional squatting form was doing a number on my body due to a prior sports related injury, Paul was immediately able to figure out how to change my form to avoid the adaptations I was making. When I needed a strength training program to compliment my obscure martial arts training, he didn’t just give me a cookie cutter men’s health workout routine, but gave me a program based on the needs of my sport, and the needs of me as an athlete. I feel its very apparent that he has extensive text book knowledge and a lot experience with professional athletes– so you truly get what you pay for. Whoever you are, whatever you do, and however you are built, Paul Montgomery is definitely the PT for you.

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