I’ve been working with Lianne for about 7 months now which has been throughout my whole pregnancy journey and I have found it such a supportive and empowering experience.

Lianne has truly listened to what is going on for me, what feels right for me and constantly adapts our programme depending on this which, as she has taught me, in pregnancy is super important.

Lianne has checked in with me out with sessions regarding certain pregnancy aches and pains which feels really supportive.

Lianne has also taught me many things about my body, exercise and pregnancy which was really important for me to learn and she has always told me the rationale behind doing certain parts of my programme and how this is related to my pregnancy body and postpartum. This has felt really empowering.

I’m grateful for finding Lianne as she has helped me continue with my fitness journey throughout pregnancy when exercise during pregnancy can sometimes feel initially scary. Thank you Lianne!

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