Charlene Jane Fosker

Lianne is amazing, i first took advantage of the free PT session back in April not long after LEO opened and i’m so glad i did, i had been on my own health kick and weight loss journey prior and felt i needed to tone up i was actually so unsure of how to go about this, the one thing i was sure of is i wasn’t wanting to attend a gym/studio full of others with the greatest of fitness. The initial session with Lianne was great she made me feel so at ease, with lots of encouragement, i honestly felt i was in safe hands! Skip forward six months and im a regular PT client of Lianne, i attend a weekly circuit class run by Abbie on a Sunday, i even have the confidence to book a station and go into the LEO studio alone at the time of day i chose to fit in with my daily life, Lianne sets me a programme so i know what im doing alone too!! We’ve recently spoke about weight goals and diet, Lianne has been amazing even helping me work towards this with a diet and nutrition plan set in place. I can honestly say i live for my sessions with her, i couldn’t have done this alone, in the last six months i have gained strength and confidence and also a friend! And for that i’m grateful, Thank you Lianne 😊

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