LEO 56 - Training Program


Focus 56 is an eight-week transformation program designed for men to enhance their current training protocols.

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LEO 56 is an eight-week long transformation program designed for men. This program has been specifically designed to ENHANCE your current way of training.

Can you dedicate yourself for 56 days? If so you will unlock 56 ways to become better every day.

This program consists of two sessions per week to be incorporated / substituted with your current training days to spice up your routine. These sessions work by swapping with your current session to stimulate the same muscle group you planned to train that day. I.e. session one is a leg day with an upper body superset thrown in. Swap this session in with your current leg day.

We've also included a host of accountability tools that will make sure you track and get the results you want.

Target Audience - Intermediate Lifters (those who already know the lifting fundamentals).


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