Personal Training – Premium comes as Standard

We promise to provide a service better than any other.
Bespoke training
and nutrition plan

Every training and nutrition plan is created and continually developed to meet your individual needs as you grow.


Our PTs can see how you progress through the day as you update meals and training progress through our software. This encourages client accountability and sustains devotion to the plans we provide.


Six week progress reports will be printed and given to you, displaying progress and highlighting the specific areas targated for development. This encourages and keeps you focused on your goal.


At each session our PTs will take notice of your general disposition, helping them to create a profile that ensures your mental state improves along with your physical state.

Daily contact with trainers

We are here to support and guide you every day of the week.

LEO excels in every type of training

All training types can be incorporated into your personal plan to achieve your specific goals.

Types of training we provide:

Fundamentals to Lifting

Learn the basics of lifting. We teach you to lift, without injury, and demonstrate the required positions to achieve maximum muscle activation. No matter what you do consider this an essential starting point.

Key Benefits: Safe lifting; technique improvement; creates a solid platform for continued development.

Mobility Improvement Sessions

This really does impact every level of lifter, weather you’re a veteran with bad habits or a newbie wanting to start in the best possible way. Mobility is imperative to lifting safely and maximising efficiency during your lifts.

Key Benefits: Identify mobility issues; specifically target areas; learn how to improve; better muscle activation when lifting; safer lifting.

Olympic Weightlifting

Learn how to master the snatch and the clean and jerk. Already a master? Then progress with our specific programming to dominate new PRs. Our programmes implement tried and tested strength and power improvement methods. Our equipment also allows in-depth monitoring of your lifts as you progress in ways hidden to the eye.

Key Benefits: Develop enormous explosive power, add muscle mass, gain strength.


Dominate the hypertrophy mesocycles. Here we go for reps, sick pump, increased muscle mass and precise aesthetics. Our hypertrophy programmes educate you on exactly what to do to pack on muscle mass.

Key Benefits: Pack on muscle mass, control bodyfat percentage, achieve maximum aesthetics.

Circuit Training

This types of training is the ultimate in functional fitness as well as having serious aesthetic benefits. This type of training involves strength work, huge rep ranges and non-stop movement throughout the session.

Key Benefits: Intense cardiovascular and respiratory workouts; tremendous functional fitness gain; endurance gain; fat loss; moderate muscle gain.

Calisthenic Training

Use nothing but your own body weight to destroy fat. Similar to Cross training and circuits but without the weights.

Key Benefits: Intense cardiovascular and respiratory workouts; tremendous functional fitness gain; endurance gain; fat loss; low muscle gain.


Choose one of our specialist personal trainers and fully engage your mind in one of our boxing sessions. This includes heavy bag, pad work and technique stick training. Protect yourself and strike back when the time is right.

Key Benefits: Improved punching power; punching endurance; hand-eye co-ordination; movement and timing gain; Intense cardiovascular and respiratory workouts; improved mental focus; tremendous functional fitness gain; fat loss; low muscle gain.

Sport Specific

Whatever sport you participate in, we can get you the speed, power and strength to take your game to the next level.

Key Benefits: Speed, power, strength and resilience.


Learn how to squat, bench and dead. If you are already a pro come to obliterate your PRs. We have complete, specifically engineered programmes for powerlifters. No matter what your current ability, we will beat it. Our studio is fully kitted out with IPF standard competition equipment.

Key Benefits: Added muscle mass, gain strength, blow up your bench, dead and squat.

Prenatal and Postnatal

We have specialist trainers who cater for women wanting to remain fit and healthy before and after childbirth. We train throughout all trimesters and focus on the areas needed during delivery. Mothers need to be able to meet the demands of giving birth and recover quickly afterwards.

Key Benefits: Supports a healthy pregnancy, improves glute, core and pelvic floor muscles.

Active Recovery

Absolutely essential no matter what level you are at. At LEO we educate you on the purpose of active recovery and demonstrate products and techniques to boost it. The harder you recover, the harder you can train, the faster you progress.

Key Benefits: Prolonged muscle health, injury prevention, improved recovery for better long term gains.

Personal Training Pricing

All coaches have 24/7 access to the studio,
(no music outside of the hours 7am-10pm)
Personal training block booking pricing
Block bookings 1 60 40/20 40/20 66.6
5 287.5 (57.5ps) 40/17.5 200/87.5 69.57
10 550 (55ps) 38.5/16.5 385/165 70
12 630 (52.5ps) 37.5/15 450/180 71.43
Personal training direct debit pricing
Direct debits 4 200 (50ps) 37.5/12.5 150/50 75
8 380 (47.5ps) 36.5/11 292/88 76.84
12 552 (46ps) 35.5/10.5 426/126 77.17

PT Matrix – Who does what?

The services offered by each of our coaches
Active Recovery check check check
Bodybuilding check check
Boxing check check check
Calisthenic Training check check check
Circuit Training check check check check
Fundamentals To Lifting check check check check check
Mobility Improvement check check check check
Olympic Weightlifting check check
Powerlifting check check check check
Pre + Postnatal check
Senior Training check
Sport Specific check check check

Lift Weight – Get Healthy

Why weight training is good for you.

Weightlifting isn’t just about aesthetics, bulking up or packing on muscle mass. Weightlifting has far reaching health benefits including improved posture, better sleep, balanced hormones, gaining bone density, maintaining weight loss, boosting metabolism, lowering inflammation, and preventing chronic diseases, among many more positives.

It Boosts Confidence

It Helps Your Mental Health

Increases Metabolism and Fat Loss

Prevents Disease

Improves Bone Density

Improves Insulin/Blood Sugar Regulation and Lowers Inflammation

Improved Posture, Sleep, Mood and Energy Levels

Improves Strength and Endurance

Improves Balance and Reduces the Risk and Effect of Falls