In or out of our studio we have services to help you and get you involved with the LEO community.

What we provide


Customised programmes based on your current food habits

We use your food diary to create an initial programme that uses the same foods you usually eat, however, we ensure your portion control is regulated. Once you understand macronutrient intake and portion control we continue with small progressive changes until your lifestyle matches the physique you want.

Customised training programmes based on your goals, fitness, aesthetics, sport specific and so on.

Whatever level you are at in your training journey, we can provide a progressive plan that ensures maximum adaptation through every mesocycle. These plans aim to educate your brain and stimulate your muscles to produce optimal results.

Regular contact with one of our qualified coaches

Our app allows you to have regular contact with our coaches so they can provide rapid responses to your questions, training videos and feedback. This also allows coaches to support you through every day of training and work.

Accountability for your training

Our coaches can view your progress in real time. Track food intake and log your work outs using our apps. Coaches will hold you accountable for your actions that day. This allows them to build a profile and pinpoint exactly what needs to happen to make your goals a reality.

Specialised apps to help you track and manage your nutrition and training plan

We have three applications to help you grow. Our main app allows members to contact coaches, interact with the LEO community, view profiles and chat with fellow members as well as see the LEO news feed.
Our VirtuaGym App
Our VirtuaGym App
Our Food App
Our Food App
Our Training App
Our Training App

Online Services

Personal training block booking pricing
Training only 7 day, 4 week training plan 75 55/20 73.33
Nutrition only 7 day, 4 week nutrition plan 75 55/20 73.33
Entry plan 3 day, 4 week meal plan,
3 training sessions per week, 4 week training plan,
weekly check-ins
80 55/25 68.75
Platinum plan 7 day, 4 week meal plan,
4 week training plan,
daily contact with PT
150 100/50 75
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