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A Bit About Me

My goal for the studio is to improve your life so you can go on to help others. I want to create a ripple effect that gets bigger and bigger until we lift the world!
Orpington Gym - LEO

Lift The World.

Lift Each Other.

I looked at my skill set, I looked at my life experiences. I am not a great intellectual, nor physically a genetic buff. Maybe greatness is not out there for me, but I can sure as hell do my best. Whatever I achieve, if I can say that I strived with every part of my being to get there, then I can be proud. Undoubtedly, I’ll learn something in the process.

Competitive sport has been a part of my life since I was three years old. Starting off in a swim team and progressing to football, I played seriously until I was 22. At this point I realised that it was my responsibility to maintain my physical shape. I was no longer a part of an organised club with scheduled training sessions, so I took ownership, made progress and people started to take notice.

At every gym session there was a new face wanting to know what I was doing and how they could improve too. At this point I decided to share my personal programme.

During the time my rudimentary programme was in effect, some interesting key points began to emerge from participants' feedback. They noticed an undeniable positive shift in their mental health. They felt they made progress, they felt a spark of confidence.

I want to produce that spark in everyone, grab it and create a burning passion. I believe LEO can do this.

“LEO will guide and inspire belief. Dedicate time where I could not, support and educate where I alone could not. LEO will bridge the gap and create the transformations I sought. LEO is me doing my best to make the world a better place.”
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