Only a strong mind can create an enhanced body. Use that mind and develop not just your body but the most valued aspects of your life.

About Our Services

We start with eight general areas of your life:

Health; Family and Friends; Romance; Personal Development; Fun and Recreation; Contribution to Society (Lifting Each Other); Business / Career and Finances. In our first consultation we will ask you to score yourself in each of these categories and map out your ‘Life Skills Wheel’. These are the most common sub-divisions, other categories can be introduced or removed to suit the individual.

Wheel of Life

Wheel of Life

Based on the interpretation of your success in each category, we identify strengths and weaknesses. From there, we work with you to create goals to achieve in and out of sessions.

Every slice of the pie can be assigned a value of 1 (very bad) to 10 (very good). The value of 1 is closest to the centre of the circle and the value 10 is at the edge of the circle. After filling it in, a spider web begins to form. The more complete the web, the greater your life satisfaction is at that particular moment. By completing the wheel with honesty (7th Way to LEO) you find out what is going well and what needs attention. The lower the number, the more improvement that category requires.

When filling in the Wheel of Life, it does not matter where your numbers begin, more accepting the numbers you have and making a plan to work on them.

Why is it so important?

The Wheel of Life can be a wonderful tool for bringing balance and meaning to your life. With meaning, happiness follows. It is thought this method originates from Tibetan Buddhism which focuses on eight components, also known as ‘happiness factors’. These are essential factors required in life for any human to be happy.

These Life Skills identify how an individual spends their time and how satisfied this person is about the different parts and areas that life has to offer. This creates time for self-reflection and allows you to get more out of life.

More about the Categories

Filling in the scores provides an overview of your sense of contentment in the various categories. It is important to take your time with this. Do not to fill in the scores too quickly or allow yourself to get distracted.

Reflecting on each category requires concentration. Only by filling it in seriously, can you get an accurate view of your balance in life and the way in which you react to setbacks. Of course, there are several considerations per category, but below you will find the most obvious descriptions.


How physically and mentally healthy are you? How do you feel? Are you satisfied with your appearance and weight? Do you have any physical discomforts? To what extent are you engaged in sports?

Family & friends

Are friends supportive, unconditional, and trustworthy? Can friendships be built upon and friends always be counted on? To what extent do you spend your free time with family and friends?


Have you found happiness in love? Do you have a new partner or a committed partner with whom you can build?

Lift Each Other

Do you help others? Do you volunteer? To what extent are you active at (sports) clubs, in the neighbourhood or taking care of family members?

Fun and recreation

Do you have hobbies or play sports?

Personal development

How do you deal with personal growth? Are you open to new experiences and eager to learn? Are you spiritually connected to both the inner and outer world?

Business and career

How satisfied are you with your job, is it the job that you had imagined, or would you rather pursue another career? Does the job bring you happiness and satisfaction? Does the job earn enough for a living?


Are all incomes enough to meet all basic needs and other needs? Are you dependent on loans? Do you have any debts? Is money the only thing that makes a person happy?

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