LEO - The Marque

LEO exists to encourage people to help one another.

Our name, LEO - Lift Each Other - epitomises our purpose. With one person directly helping another we can create a force of good in the world. Lift Each Other is the ethos LEO will strive to live by. I want LEO to inspire the belief that being morally right and endeavouring to help each other, is the best way to live our lives. – Neil Scott, Founding Member

Why the Lion?

Our logo means something unlike other brands. We are a symbol, people have to understand it. It has value. The Lion is dominant and fierce, but always part of a family.

Lifting Each Other, LEO, could be the most valuable lesson life has to give. We are strong, we are LEO.

Orpington Gym - Leo - Lift Each Other

The LEO brand has animal instinct. It is aggressive, passionate and fierce.

Our logo displays a creature that roars with focus in its eyes. A creature with ambition to thrive with its family.

In sub-Sharan Africa survival drives growth. What drives your growth? What do you need to thrive? LEO finds your drive so you will grow.

The red in our colour scheme is designed to emote a rawness, symbolise lifeblood flowing through all of us, we can be powerful with monstrous intent.

The black is darkness, the daily temptations we battle every day. Never battle alone. Accept your responsibility to be better and battle together. Lift your community out of the dark.

The white is the light, the vision of good things to come, the strive to improve yourself and your surroundings. Make everything around you better than it was. We are surrounded by choices leading to good things just as LEO is surrounded by white light.

Passion, ferocity, determination, these are the emotions LEO incites. We want you focused and ready to fight for your survival. We want you walking out of our studio feeling ten feet tall.

LEO. Has. Heart.

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