We will do everything we can to protect you and your pride (family).

LEO is an exclusive studio that has a controlled number of sessions running at any one time.

Every person coming through the door is easily monitored allowing efficient cleaning of equipment.

The room is spacious, meaning social distancing and adequate equipment spacing exceeds current guidelines, your coach can still be there motivating you through each session.

Cleaning stations and personal protective equipment will be available for clients and is mandatory for all coaches to wear.

The design of the studio satisfies all Covid-19 safety requirements. We have set training areas already allocated to clients while they train. Clients can feel safe in an optimally regulated facility where sessions are pre-booked to prevent overuse and violation of the government guidelines. This type of training environment will be especially sought after in the coming years because of its safety, control, and hygiene advantages.

There are three metres between stations, the studio has vented walls and three ventilation points at the front, side and back of the studio. We even have an outside yard area to catch your breath in. We have a hand held non-contact thermal scanner so temperatures will be taken on arrival. All clients can be contacted if necessary to give them the information they need to stay safe. Signage and cleaning stations will also be in place for adequate guidance and use.

The company track and trace QR code will be on display and can be used in conjunction with the NHS Covid-19 App. Clients can scan confirming access to the property.

The studio, at almost 1900sq.ft², not including toilets and kitchenette areas (included in government guidelines) can cater to 18 people at a time. This allows 19 people to train in the studio at any one time while maintaining a safe space of 100sq.ft per client. The studio is not limited by any Covid-19 restrictions but in fact thrives in its ability to work with them. We offer the perfect amount of stations and training sessions per hour.