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LEO is an incredible fitness studio based in Orpington and our mission is to guide people in becoming the best humans they can be. We bring you together with like minded people to develop as individuals among friends. The world needs you to be at your best so you can help others be theirs. Join our community and Lift the World with us.

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Our coaches are at the top of their field. They'll use their skill sets, knowledge and training to make your goals a reality.
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Train with our outstanding community, we run boxing and circuit classes for all ages and abilities!

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We Are Unique, a cut above any commercial gym:

Our coaches are simply world class. They dedicate every facet of their being to making sure you improve. No matter whay your situation, they can guarantee progress.
Your own space is guaranteed in a private facility. Not just anyone can walk into Lift Each Other studio. Each new member is met by our owner for an induction to ensure harmonious group integration. This ensures your environment consists of like-minded, driven people who are on their way to lifting the world.

How this improves YOU:

Having your own space, allows you the freedom to train the way you want to train. You set the pace of your workout with no need to share equipment or move for incoming gym users. Any members in the studio are there to support and encourage your growth. You become more efficient, focused, and that compounds over time to get the results you work for.
LEO is a space created with love and dedication and its members are equally loving and dedicated. There is a saying ‘Show me your circle and I’ll tell you your future’. If you’re in a circle with a communal ethos of improving, you too will begin to improve. At LEO we invite optimistic individuals to come and change the face of fitness. Be inspired by the people around you and bring your best to the community.

How this improves YOU:

It is scientifically proven that group psychology has a huge impact on individual behavior. Our group will keep you inspired and hell bent on achieving your dreams. Surround yourself with people that want the best for you.
Every station has a cleaning caddie equipped with a microfibre cloth, anti-bacterial spray, tissues, and hand sanitiser. Due to the nature of the 5-station booking system, the facility is not overcrowded or overused. As well as being well equipped with cleaning products the footfall through the studio is controlled, reducing your contact circle. Equipment is wiped down after every use and stations are cleaned morning and night.

How this improves YOU:

This means you are less likely to fall ill and have time away from training, ensuring you make consistent progress over time. It also protects your family and friends who may be susceptible to illness, helping you look after your loved ones.
Every station has its own fan, and two air filtration units clean 1.5x the entire volume of the studio daily. At LEO you only inhale the purest air while training, unlike commercial gyms with a multitude of mammals exhaling in a one room.

How this improves YOU:

Cleaner air means healthier lungs and improved cardiovascular performance. It also means you won’t be distracted by odors or coughing so you can focus on correct breathing techniques throughout your workout. Regular, focused breathing has been proven to improve physical and mental performance.
We are world class. We have fully kitted out the studio with Eleiko equipment. Eleiko is a Swedish company famous for producing the purest steel in the world. This combined with custom made platforms, benches and machines make LEO exceptional. We love and care for all our equipment, as do our members and this means it performs like new every time.

How this improves YOU:

Your lifts will be more consistent, ingraining proper lifting patterns into your very muscle fibres. This leads to more effective training, faster progression, and safer lifts. The purity of Eleiko’s steel means it is almost indestructible and the custom-made equipment has been built to withstand loads no human on earth can lift. The IPF bar can be safely loaded with three times the weight of the current deadlift world record.
We have organised bookings so you can select training times that allow you to make the most of your day. Your own station will always be waiting for you to have an amazing work out. Once you’ve conquered your fitness targets, continue the momentum into all remaining goals for the day. Learn to apply excellence to every part of your life.

How this improves YOU:

Booking specific areas of the studio allows you to be efficient with your training. Nothing holds you back, never wait for equipment, never wait for space, never any dispute as to who is using what at what time. Just you against you. Be a better version of yesterday.
Our ethos is all about the journey. If you can love the journey, you need not worry about arriving at the best destination. That happens automatically. At LEO we strive to inspire you and get you excited about becoming the best version of you! We also endeavour to make you feel comfortable in a fitness environment while focusing on what is important. One unique way we do this is by NOT including mirrors in our studio.

How this improves YOU:

Change is one of the hardest things a human being can do but we want to give you all the inspiration and support necessary to do just that. The absence of mirrors in the studio helps disentangle fitness from aesthetics and body image. This allows you to focus on the exercises at hand and be more comfortable in your environment.
We have wellness hubs that can be booked so you have time and space to work on yourself. Construct strategies to overcome obstacles life throws at you and take the necessary time to process the days events.

How this improves YOU:

You will be better at life. You can concentrate on solutions, mitigate counter-productive emotions and clarify what must be done. Write it down, speak it aloud, plan in your mind and then execute one action at a time.

The LEO gym and community is such an amazing one to be part of. It has an impressive range of gym equipment available, which can so easily be incorporated into workouts.

I attend the circuits gym classes which have introduced such a broad range of different exercises into my fitness regime. I leave each session confident that I have had a full body work out. Each week is a slightly different circuit, with varying exercises included, all of which are fully explained by the trainer at the start of the session. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert the trainer talks through each movement and makes you feel so comfortable in your abilities.

I started the LEO gym not knowing any of the attendees/ trainers and now am luckily enough to call the LEO community my friends. The workout and team are great for both physical and mental health and I would recommend without a doubt to anybody considering joining.

- Stacey

LEO is a great and friendly community, with unique individuals which each have their own story of thrilling achievements. I started my journey at LEO back in April, seeing the place just as a gym, but it turned out to be more than that. With the help of various members, I was able to improve not just physically, but also mentally, helping me take my own future into my hands and be constantly pushed to achieve as high as I can possibly imagine. Now I enjoy doing what I'm doing more than ever, chasing to break every milestone I set out for myself. LEO is a place that anybody can improve and benefit from.

- Madalin Ivan

“LEO is a truly wonderful gym. The staff are some of, if not the friendliest gym staff I have ever encountered across many years of being involved in gyms and such.

Furthermore, it is so refreshing that equipment and space is booked out to you alone meaning there is none of this having to fight over people and waiting for equipment that you get in more general gyms.”

- Paul

“I have been training at LEO for about a month and it’s been brilliant. The studio is maintained immaculately, and has all the equipment you could need. The booking system means it’s never overcrowded and you never have to wait to use anything.

Having trained mainly in commercial gyms before, it’s been great being able to just go in, know exactly what I’m doing, and that I won’t need to wait for equipment, and getting it done.”

- Abhi

“Fantastic Gym. Top quality equipment and a great family feeling. All the equipment you could ever need, and everyone is so friendly. Neil is spot on and has turned the place into a great place to be. Start of my fitness journey now and with Lift each other for the first time I feel like I can achieve it!”

- Jerry

“LEO strives for quality of quantity, which is blindingly evident on immediate entry into the building. The studio is outfitted with the highest standard of equipment , it is exceedingly clean and you are under instruction by some of the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. If that isn't your thing you can just book a station for as many hours as you like and workout yourself with no pestering and distractions like large commercial gyms.

The staff and the owner are more than approachable and take on all feedback looking to enhance your experience and well-being. LEO employs a nutrition specialist and has two relaxation sheds out the back for easy wind downs.”

- Brij

“The best gym I've been to in 20 years of training. If you are serious about getting strong, fit and healthy this is what you need.

Perfect if you've never been to a gym before and want a PT or even a competitive powerlifter seeking the best kit (and everyone in between).

Very friendly and welcoming. High end equipment, great booking system and functional cardio space.

Highly recommended!”

- Eddie

“Great place for private training. The equipment is such high quality and the staff are so lovely. They also have a really good selection of personal trainers to choose from depending on what service you’re seeking. I have brought my friends here and they’ve loved it too.”

- Georgia

“Neil has really put together something beyond the standard gym. He and the PTs there are a true testament to his mantra of lifting each other up. The gym is a friendly, warm, non-judgemental environment. The equipment is impressive in that there is a wide selection, and everything is kept in excellent condition.”

- Neil

“Having been to other gyms I have now found LEO and my life has been transformed. The trainers are so friendly and supportive which is so special. You also have an allocated work station' no queuing for equipment just a whole session on your training. I really have a wow factor and LEO is value for money and I would thoroughly recommend.”

- Julie

“I have been training with a coach at LEO for the past few months , the atmosphere is very welcoming and all the staff are friendly and accommodating . The equipment is top of the range and is always clean and in good working order . Being able to book a station and not have to worry about waiting for equipment, which if you are having a coaching session would take up some of your hour session ,is a major plus over commercial gyms . This also gives the studio a much more private feel .”

- Nish

“I have been training at LEO since July last year. I have made progress with coach Steve I never thought I could make. I’ve been a general Gym goer for 3/4 years and have made more progress in the short time training at LEO than I ever thought possible. My posture, overall athletic ability and general health have been tremendously excelled by training at LEO compared to a commercial gym. I highly recommend taking the first step and booking a consultation with LEO’s top class coaches and facilities.”

- Harjot

“Over the last few months Paul has helped me immensely with my strength and fitness. As we both come from a Rugby background he understands that warm ups and looking after my body were never high on my priorities whilst I was playing! I’ve now moved on to Triathlon and he has shaped his sessions to really help with the three disciplines as well as overall fitness. A very professional standard and also a top bloke.”

- Richard Tame

“I am currently in my third month with Lianne; each week brings new challenges and she certainly pushes me to give my best effort every session. We are working towards improving my general fitness, whilst I continue to lose weight and tone up along the way for my upcoming wedding. I am improving week on week and am seeing results that I certainly couldn’t achieve on my own! Lianne will be your biggest cheerleader and I am so pleased to be on this journey with her as my personal trainer. Thanks Lianne- you are a super star!”

- Eliza
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